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A Premier Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Facility With A Multi-Speciality Approach To A Blazing Fast Recovery

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The Premiere Clinic has established a strong reputation within the medical, legal, athletic and labor communities, both domestically and internationally. The objective at the clinic is a proper diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic ailments.

Health Insurance

Must group insurance accepted. Our friendly and experienced administrative staff will be glad to assist you in evaluating potential benefits.

Meet Dr. Reida

Dr. Patrick David Fowler-REIDA has been in private practice for over 26 yrs and is the creator and Clinic Director for The Premiere Clinic System. He completed his undergraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral studies in southern California, USA. Dr. Reida is a sought after pioneer in Chiropractic Sports Medicine, officially working domestically and internationally for major professional sports organizations, such as the World Surf Competition Tour (WCT), Association of Professional Volleyball Tour (AVP), Pride, K-1 and UFC (MMA) etc. His patient base includes over 100 professional and 20 elite/olympic athletes, including Master Royce Gracie (original inductee MMA Hall of Fame), Kelly Slater (11x Surf World Champion), Ian Laperriere (NHL Stanley Cup Champion) and Gabrielle Rose (4x Olympic Swimmer).

Dr. Reida is also a dedicated and compassionate Health Freedom Doctor. He utilizes the advanced ‘New Sciences’ (Epigenetics, Quantum Mechanics, Neurophysiology, psychoneuroimmunology, etc.) techniques to discover, train and guide stress management, self-healing, energy change-enhancement, consciousness and spiritual growth. Dr. Fowler-Reida’s interests include God, family, helping others, fitness, reading and self-defense.